XXL SHEDS® delivery another well designed portal frame building to accommodate a 12m wide sliding doors and 11m -12m bays for optimal equipment access in the Storage Warehouse.

Location: Sydney

Roof Shape: Gable Roof

Clear Span: 36m

Portal Frame Type: Hot Rolled Steel

Total Footprint: 1980

Building Details:
This Storage Warehouse is 55m long with a clear span of 36m and an eave height of 6m. The bays are 11m wide and with a roof pitch of 3 degree. There is 2 large roller shutter in the end wall and a 12 m sliding doors in the side wall. Internally it has a mezzanine floor with office and wash room.

A leading developer in Australia approached XXL SHEDS® to design a storage warehouse for their own usage in the western suburbs or Sydney. The development approval was very stringent allowing a maximum building height that would challenge XXL SHEDS® as  the client also a 6m high opening for access with 12 m openings.

XXL SHEDS® again was able to meet the brief and provide a very function, well designed and fit for purpose shed that the client is very happy with. The design incorporated and internal mezzanine floor with office and amenities and enough storage space for clients needs.