Our Difference

We design buildings that precisely fit the purpose for which they were intended and the environment where they will be placed, rather than simply designing them under the common assumptions about how to build large spans buildings.



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Turn-key Package

XXL SHEDS® provides the design and supply of the building and in addition can support you with the construction process.

We can assist with a turn-key lock up solution so that you to have an experienced competent builder who can handle subcontractors and service providers to ensure your build process is a well-manage and smooth process.

Structural Engineering

Involving XXL SHEDS®  at the earliest stage of building design will mean more innovation in the design process, more cost effective design and a higher level of value engineered into the final product.

Our initial Design Function Audit, or DFA, is the starting point for much of the cost-effectiveness in the project.

Following on from our audit we use the latest structural engineering software and our comprehensive value engineering process to produce highly efficient designs.

We provide engineering certification and create a bill of materials when design is approved. We also provide construction drawings and connection details, which covers our detailed method of installation and sager work place with the method of construction.


Fundamental to our company is the belief that all injuries are preventable and everyone has the right to go home safely.

It is this belief that forms the framework for our teams’ interactions with customers on their sties, ensuring our activities are conducted safely.


Our international network of material suppliers and our 50+ years in the steel industry mean that we can obtain prices that are hard to match plus we can dispatch material to any job site in Australia, typically within two weeks of specification sign-off.


Our 50+ years experience in the industry has enabled XXL SHEDS® that ability to compile a list of competent builders throughout Australia and Asia Pacific to assist you in the installation process.

If you choose to use your own construction team, we can provide on-site support to ensure the job runs to schedule.

Following construction, XXL SHEDS® can inspect the building and provide engineering sign-off on conforming structures.


We are always looking for ways to do things better; how we go about achieving success is as important as the success itself.

From our own in-house research and development processes to the partnerships we have established with technical specialists in the industry, we work to find new ways of adapting technology to generate a competitive offering for our customers – helping to maximise efficiency’s and reduce waste.