XXL SHEDS® continues to assist schools and sport clubs to provide a safe and smart solution to outdoor sports courts that enables outside activity all year, regardless of weather conditions.

Location: Caboolture, South East Queensland

Roof Shape: Gable Roof

Clear Span: 35m

Portal Frame Type: SMRT® Hyrbrid Portal Frame

Total Footprint: 2100 Square Meters

Building Details:
A Sports Courts Roof cover with 35 metes span x 60 meters long with an eave height of 7.1 meters. Design include side wall skirts that finished 3 meters from ground level and skylights in each roof bay to improve natural light.

A prominent local builder in the Queensland approached XXL SHEDS® to assist in designing a sports court roof cover for a school in Caboolture. The builder and asset owners were extremely happy with the design put forward by XXL SHEDS® also with the attention to detail, prompt service and high quality product being a real feature of XXL SHEDS® capabilities. This XXL SHEDS® design features its patented  SMRT® Hybrid portal frame technology which helps make the building more affordable without compromising engineering requirements, colorbond finish and big open span providing a great area for the students to play sport or for assemblies on wet days.